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…Yeah Who am I? Someone that's afraid to let go, uh You decide, if you're ever gonna, let me know (yeah) Suicide, if you ever try to let go, uh I'm sad and know, yeah I'm sad and know, yeah Who am I? Someone that's…

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Bad Girl

…start a new fire oh I think I'm about to slowly lose it all to the flames My body trembles oh no oh no Cuz I know you are Bad girl got me feeling so high I'm a bad boy and I feel like you are a diamond Bad girl got me…

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Bad Girl
Anna Abreu

…refrain: It'll be over in a minute now 'Cause I'm a bad girl, bad bad girl I'm a bad girl, bad bad girl If you're messing with a bad girl You'll get burned Stop messing with a bad girl, bad bad girl You think I'm gonna…

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Poison Girl

…I did it all just for her I did it all just for her And love's heart is death For me and my poison girl A prey she was for the cruelty of love While its serpent inside crawled straight towards her heart The coldest…

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Rich Girl

…me You don't have to be a rich girl, to let your broken heart You don't have to be perfect oh nah nah nah And we don't need nobody, just you and I You don't have to be a rich girl, to let your broken heart Leave your…

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Reverse Sad
Emily Frost

…light, I cry loud I am reverse reverse reverse sad Verse 2: Highs are my lows And I can’t hide it And just like that I lost myself And the tighter I hold onto every fear, I can feel myself moving into a higher place…

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Girl In A Uniform
Pete Parkkonen

…You're my girl in a uniform My girl in a uniform I throw stones from the balcony Throwing rocks at the embassy I'm gonna give my body and soul My girl in a uniform Sweet taste of a guilty pleasure Tied down, I can feel…

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Madrid makes me sad
Piia Myyry

…I want t make love to you, Fernando, like they do in french movies, very sensual giving and partation. Paris is a city for overs, eternal city, full of tourists, waking happily ahead on the streets. its now a girls

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Sad song
We the kings, Elena Coats
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