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Madrid makes me sad
Piia Myyry

…I want t make love to you, Fernando, like they do in french movies, very sensual giving and partation. Paris is a city for overs, eternal city, full of tourists, waking happily ahead on the streets. its now a girls…

61.79 %
Good or bad relationship

…trees, when I hear from you. We all have had a some kind of a relationship, good or bad, its not easy to feed, if you are sad. You are really above all, everything else. You can do what you want, but it can be lonely…

41.28 %
Anna Abreu

…their beauty No more letters of forever Nothing else can move me I'm unsatisfiable So unreliable Too bad, too bad You'll never be good enough So undeniable He used to be my world I'm sad, so sad 'Coz I'll never fall in…

39.27 %
Satin Circus

…You take me once, you take me twice, you take me one more time its like dynamite Hey don't you know, you make me go oh you're so crazy, crazy oh no hey girl would you believe me if i say i have a little feeling of you…

22.81 %
Playstation -lokakuu
Mieli & Kuvat

…kuivan kuun. Tulit mun luokse niin kuin elokuu. Kasteisin huulin teit sateen! Nyt pöly piirtää juoviaan. Tulit mun luokse, pölyn pesit pois. Tarjosit suolaista ihoa! Pian päättyä saa jo tämä lokakuu. ----- Olen ollut…

21.13 %
Anna Abreu

…You say you listen but you never do You say we're fine but I'm in this too You fall asleep and I'm still awake I wish you would understand You're like a rock that I would like to break Or like a cocktail that I have to…

19.60 %
Don't Disappoint Me
Nylon Beat

…me Don't make me sad Don't make me sad Don't make me sad Don't make me sad Please don't say goodbye Stay one more night And make it allright In this world Where nothing seems to be allright Don't ever turn your back to…

17.75 %
Two for Tragedy

…the candle bed Two saddened angels - in heaven, in death Now let us lie Sad we lived sad we die Even in your pride I never blamed you A mother's love Is a sacrifice Together sleeping Keeping it all No sympathy No eternity One light for each undeserved tear Beneath the candle bed Two souls with everything yet to be said

17.23 %
Bad King

…the cradle, one fine dirty angel. One hopeless act too fatal, saw the sunrise, this is my life. The revelation is you. Behind your bars lies the truth that hurts, eyes like shooting stars. Tiresome story of loners…

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