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The Face Of God

…I'm drained but aching for more And the devil inside is reading The words of the saddest poem To be engraved on the stone on my grave I'd kill to share your pain (and carry the shame) And sell my soul for you just to…

78.43 %

…Essential Salts of animals may Be so prepared and preserved That an ingenious man May have the whole Ark of Noah in his own Study and raise the fine shape of an animal Out of its ashes at his pleasure Unhappy is he to…

64.57 %
Into Hiding (Amorphis cover)

…else He must change his shape As an eagle he swept up Wanted to soar heavenward The sun burnt his cheeks The moon lit his brows Wanted to soar heavenward The sun burnt his cheeks The moon lit his brows The islander slips into hiding And takes to his heels Out of dark Northland The murky house of Sara…

58.88 %
Acoustic Funeral (For Love In Limbo)

…To a nightmare within a nightmare we are bound to adore Let the planchette in the shape of a heart glide to oui And finally confirm all fears to be so real (it's unreal) Underneath the ice so thin, I am turning blue The…

52.75 %
A child like Amore

…time, I love the shape of your athletic body, you make everything easy, with you its easy to be. I try to give you a tender love, like it all was earlier, not like at out time, making love to a whole woman, to feel it all…

49.85 %

…So brittle and broken, loved only in her prayers A little girl lies in her bed, hears footsteps on the stairs So hollow and hopeless Her sleepless night awaits Likee a twists dream where love takes a violent shape So…

45.58 %
Spending My Time
Antti Tuisku

…story's too thin I thank the Lord above That you're not here to see me In the shape I'm in I'm spending my time Watching the days go by Feeling so small I stare at the wall Hoping that you think of me too I'm spending my…

43.68 %
The Foreboding Sense Of Impending Happiness

…By your heartstrings, I am hanging from a dream Gently swinging in the warm autumn breeze Come look at the scars smother a heart Opening up No more Tiptoeing along a strand of your hair suspended between These…

42.81 %
One More Magic Potion

…me a new pint and together we roared Drink and dance! People of the forest sing with us! Who wants to brawl with me? Who can shape a kantele from a pike's jaw? Like the great one once did Close your eyes Calm your mind…

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