In love with you


Aslong as you can make love, just do it, its in your genes, you cant really, fight against it. Making love is like a heart, you have to just work, all the time.

The time to make a family, is a really long period, it starts from the teen ages, and lasts almost a decade. I am just in love wirth hydraulics, its like a heart beat, I just need it.

You can just fool yourself, and say, thats noncense, I just have a passion, for love, I just need it.

Luckily you are in a good shape, you can do it every day, Nowadays it is just "para ti" lot of love, and kids to feed.

I have been tainted to the ordinary life, it is just a hole in one for a lifetime.

The love for a lifetime, is based on what, can you name it, is it a harmony or the real action, is it the heat, or balance of bodies in the action, or is it all just the illusion, what kind ot love is meant for your body, or do i need to tease you with the money?

Laita PIIA MYYRY soimaan ja ratko päättelykykyä kehittäviä tehtäviä. Ratkaise tehtävä ja näe miten pärjäsit muihin verrattuna. Toimii suoraan nettiselaimessasi!

Löydätkö sen yhden ja ainoan oikean ratkaisun?

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