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you like your violent rounds
Piia Myyry

…You really like your lifestyle, now you infect the diseaces to the people. to see how they react, you can score everybody, you like the facts, you are all sick, like your sexual diseaces, you like your forrest lifes, it…

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They life like friends
Piia Myyry

…You really are mouring like a cat, you all have something wrong all day long, can you just shut up, you are really pain in the ass, get a life, no-one wants you more, you like to hand around with your friends, you just…

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Salt In Our Wounds

…grave And the salt in our wounds Here we are right back where we began Waiting for the sweet love with open arms Here we are just like before Waiting for the warmth of that tender storm…

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Just teasing like an angel (joululaulu 4)

…anyway. It feels like a fake life after you, to create a good atmosphere, demands more than you think, or you are a full. I have just come from paris, there is not northers light, but the eiffel tower, and no way back anyway…

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Like a Fool
Nylon Beat
23.25 %
I like asian life

…I like asia for sure, it is a lighter culture, somehow, for older people, for sure. The people, like the american style, it becomes a cultural melting spot, easily, there is nothing for me, anymore. I get frustrated…

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You like ribs
Piia Myyry

…You like your old lifestyle, I have born on 70s, i havent seen nothing of it, you just like your own life, egosentric, when they have sisters, they are jealous all their lifes, it doesnt change, even they become adults…

22.90 %
they like you
Piia Myyry

…family, i have seen them to play. You all are fun, its latino style, roots of have fun, you play yourself to globe, its all your own songs. You dont really want to hear it, its your work, you can beat it, you play with your old friend, they like you, live runs, there is no tense.…

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Like monks in churces
Piia Myyry

…You say i am a eye of the god, like the cardinal for a lifetime, you get the power of your own life, they try so steel the passion, they have different style, you get something to your inner space, are you sure, its you…

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