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…I'm taking back what's mine I'm reading a text your friend sent you worried sick You're sleeping there, smiling, maybe even seeing the man of your dreams I'm not sure if I wanna go thru with this anymore But I know it's too late to back down now Faking a smile...…

13.66 %
Lil Peep

…, I'm cold, back on the road Show after show, fuckin' ho after ho I swear it gets so lonely sometimes Please just hold me one time Fuck these hoes and fuck life I've been waitin' here all damn night Not one call or text from…

10.84 %
Internet gliding

…young G's ne on suoraa next up, next up, bad bih nyt sä mulle textaat, textaa, freshi, mä oon 20 egee metskaa, en snitchaa, 92 oon next up (Hook, Bnmaza) Fuck toi sun internet gliding, suoraa glidee, mee raidaa sun homiе…

10.76 %
The Poet and the Pendulum

…, tolling for his farewell The morning dawned, upon his altar Remains of the dark passion play Performed by his friends without shame Spitting on his grave as they came Getaway, runaway, fly away Lead me astray to…

10.55 %
Spending My Time
Antti Tuisku

…story's too thin I thank the Lord above That you're not here to see me In the shape I'm in I'm spending my time Watching the days go by Feeling so small I stare at the wall Hoping that you think of me too I'm spending my…

8.98 %
Spending xmas time

…I am spending my xmas time, in my hometown, it is not the same anymore, like during the childhood time. This is my school city, I have worked in Europe, coming back to Finland is always a pit pitty. Its not easy get…

8.28 %
Heikki Kuula

…kukistaa. Superlon-patjalla paskat housuissa. Haluun äiti sulta vielä viimisii nousuja. Salaa toivon, et lyöt luurin korvaan. Sun pitä ympyrä sulkee. Synnyit jo yhen persläven kanssa, mitä vittuu sä enää mul teet? Onko…

8.10 %
Mex-Tex Cowboy
7.16 %
Isac Elliot

…oh (glitter) I'll buy you all the shiny pears You're my diamond girl I'll fight for you till I fall And when you're walking in Yeah you're sparkling Just like a disco-ball It's amazing how you Glitter glitter glitter…

6.76 %