Even feeling these urges makes me feel guilty Makes me feel guilty of what I've not yet done But the second I saw you in the corner of that bar I knew there was no way out Faking a smile, playing nice, taking shit from these rich bitches in junior high It's my time to shine, took my time, the revenge is mine And you're gonna pay for their crimes After hours of begging you finally gave me a kiss goodnight To get off the hook, maybe, but this evening has just begun One kiss is all it's gonna take And now I just play the waiting game Faking a smile... Don't blame yourself, you were just in a wrong place at a wrong time They stripped me of my dignity Now I'm taking back what's mine I'm reading a text your friend sent you worried sick You're sleeping there, smiling, maybe even seeing the man of your dreams I'm not sure if I wanna go thru with this anymore But I know it's too late to back down now Faking a smile...

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