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Shooting Star

…(you've gone...) shooting star manutsu no yoru no maboroshi setsunai hodo amaku kono mune tsuranuita shooting star hikari yori hayaku kakenuketa anata wo eien ni wasure wa shinai kara ai ga kietemo haruka sora sora ni…

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Swingiä koko skaala
Matti Jurva

…Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La, Si, Do Näin se kuuluu skaala, Mi ompi soiton abc Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La, Si, Do Näin myös alkaa swingi, mi ompi tanssin abc Swingi tanssi on uuden nuorison Murheen lääke se on Siin on hormoonit vitamiinitkin Siin on kaloriat swing oo swing Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La, Si, Do Näin se alkaa swingi, mi ompi tanssin abc…

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Wishful Thinking
Isac Elliot

…You tell me stop, you tell me go Show me a sign just let me know ´Cause loving you is like rolling the dice, never know what I´m gonna get Because you´re hot then you´re cold then you´re left then you´re right Wanna…

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A unique star (joululaulut 6)

…innocence left, like we all know it for real. They all shine like the stars, in the countries very far, its like a stardust to see, it is just hard you to dust for real, you are just a criminal of love, so tender, you cant find it often, its like a unique star.…

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Pup star songs i got this
Scrappy from Pup Star
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Star Queen (Celestial Bond Part II)

…The traveller's heart is meant to be free No obligations and soul redeemed I knew that part wasn't for me When I met my star queen Born in stars, like all of us But can two paths start from one? Unite again in…

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Like a star (adults, english)

…You play a fruit game, when I come, you smell good, when i kiss you to your mouth. you are restless like always, you need freedom like everyone else. You are like a star with your new jeans, you are socializing with your neeze, you are strong and joyfull like always, you illuminate our evenings always.…

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I Got This
Scrappy from Pup Star
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Take me to your dealer

…a substance that'll only harm the organs that are still in place They say, you gotta change the way you are There's no other rescue You wanna fall apart or would you rather go back to the start? You only see this thing…

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