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Doing Dubai

…yeah, that’s what I will do Walking in the desert blue (Kept you up all night) Hmm, hmm, hmm Stranger in a high-rise dream It’s the perfect cure for The low down fool I have been Since I heard Bam, bam You shot me down…

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Bigger things
Piia Myyry

…Do you like to torture yourself, you see things so shining, its your thing, 'they really make people suffer, they enter again and agains to the other courts, not hey are already, adults, bigger things, are what they…

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Strange World

…give up control Strange world, people talk and tell only lies Strange world, people kill an eye for an eye Strange world, dream one day we'll see the light Strange world, believe and everything will be alright And…

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Weener is the thing
Piia Myyry

…part of the game, you want your space, I cant even go to work, you like women to be depended of you, you dont want them to move. I have this love power, its prestigeous, like money, you gain everything with it, people get frustrated of their own lifes, only weener is the thing, it is so much fun.…

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Little sister feat. Tilly
Jeremy Folderol

…there To fight my fears When I'm in doubt You make sure To take me back Out of the war No matter what I crash into I always know One thing is true I will never be alone You half-way-stay I will never be alone Life jacket…

38.61 %
They were strange
Piia Myyry

…where strange. You like to work in hospitals, you live in shadow world, make your own moves there, like guys abroad, when they see their friends, they code all the time of the violance, at home, you make the crimes, with…

37.82 %
Army game is your thing
Piia Myyry

…You hae your days and night, they are violant, but you dont call police, they like to beat people in their rooms, they like theis violant game, they think there is no police, in the cities. You really beat them to have…

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Empathy is not your thing
Piia Myyry

…get power to their own space, you want to be between everything, It´s your way of life, for u it´s like a child´s game. You already have an adult life. You make fun of me, you don´t think of my feelings, ' empathy is…

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Deathbringer From The Sky

…total chaos will arrive Men shall flee in fear My name will haunt their mortal souls I'll burn their flesh and I'll crush their bones Now they shall know That every myth told is true They shall burn on my blazing gallows…

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