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The kids who have nothing

…Now, we can live like those, who never have kids, to time for hobbies, or nothing to give, they just spend their times in living rooms, and just do it. Thei energy goes just the one thing. Some people just have hobbies…

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They all have families
Piia Myyry

…, to see the crying face. To measure everything like pain, you all have your families, its not really nice to see. They really have the insane side, 'they beat people to see, animalia like you say it, but we all know, i…

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So you have used to live

…I dont have sisters or brothers, I dont know, how its like, i have parents, they are old, and they have, their own lifestyle. It defenately is not the same, how I have wanted to live, its because of my mojo, you have

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You select who gets what
Piia Myyry

…, you select who gets what, l ike they wouldnt have their own will, you beat good people to the graves. You all say the same way, money comes to your nests all the days, you really are cruel to people, its your work look…

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Hide Your Riches

the shroud of mystery, Away from the shroud of mist If you have the lasting happiness And the peace in your heart If you have the lasting happiness And the peace in your heart Then you have to hide your riches From the hungry hunters, Away from the filthy animals, Out of snakes' reach…

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You all have the same rooms

…You all have the same rooms, its all your new moves, you play your manly games, there is no space for women, or childs, you you them to get, what you want, you dont loose the game. You really are obsessive, its your…

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You have nothing to give
Piia Myyry

…You get what you wanted, you dont see yur friends, you have nothing, but it doesnt borther you at all, i dont want to see you more, you can go to fuck those people, i am not in gates, i dont know how you look. I am not…

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Eval people have the same joy
Piia Myyry

…amerika you all run. You have everykind of fun, your fucks are all the same, you just want to see their face, play with peoples lives, 'its just a game for you. you want to have hiv kids, so you have something to do, and…

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I have a womans life

…i just want to drink my coffee in peace, these mornings to ease, I cant change to world, but I can find, the better company for sure. Who says, what kind of life, I should life anyway. I just like the heat, I just want…

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