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Touch In The Night
Battle Beast

…When the night meets the dawn One will stand One will fall Broken I can't go on an act of despair is what I seek. Give me your love tonight You're burning up but I'm still cold Give me your place to hide from this…

47.32 %
Africa at Night
Nylon Beat
44.19 %
Where Were You Last Night

…I call and I call Just to make things right Have I lost the fight Where were you last night I beg and I cry I keep asking why Where were you last night Where were you last night Lost In the dark and my fears If only…

40.84 %
15th night
Juice Leskinen Grand Slam

…Fifteenth night is coming and the nightmares come along Everything's in vain, you don't feel bridal To believe in human life, oh lord I must be strong 'cause human life, it seems so suicidal I look at you, I see the…

39.78 %
Night Games
Graham Bonnet

…city She knocks the door and steps right in He's just a fool that some would like to pity They work it out in the house of sin Night games They play for their night games They weren't two lovers, they don't use names…

34.61 %
Rails At The River
Ghost Brigade

…See the skies hanging low Up upon walls the crumbling voice You ask yourself what is this time And what's the meaning of being? You ask yourself what is this time And what's the meaning of being? Follow the river at

33.90 %
White Night Fantasy

…Enchantress Came to me And said "Meet me At the lake Tonight" I hummed This song To the white Through the shroud of snow I saw Paradise Peace No more lies Crestfallen soul Rest for this night Love is here Right here…

33.45 %
Always Been Right
Von Hertzen Brothers

…been right And everyone else wrong We've always been right To fight how we've fought Always been right And everyone else Has always been, always been wrong And so the day turned into night The crowd had become wild No…

31.00 %
You select who gets what
Piia Myyry

…You all want to see people, you are social, they like to fight, its starts to be boring to watch all the time, you all have the same life, they get along well, the sickness, is their game, you spread it like a diseace…

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