Burn Your Ship


When days are growing dark Dreams fall apart and hopes are fading When fear is in your heart And tomorrow wears the mask of tragedy

You'll learn what to burn What you need and what you should leave behind You'll know that everything else must go Slow down, your home is where your heart is and this Life is just a ride It's a lie

One life, one chance, one strife You're a flame that can burn so bright So shine before you fade into the night

You fall, you crawl, before You will learn to stand tall No turning back, there is no retreat Leave the past behind and burn your ship

Be proud of all your sears The symbols of strength that brought you here Keep reaching for the stars The road can be long but you have come far

Let all your misery fade away The mistake you've made shall burn today

Past is but a pyre left behind It must burn, leave the ashes where they lie

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