Passion, Proof, Power


Where to find the truth? Questions linger through time Unbreakable will and inquiring mind Have always been the seeker's guide

The Reason as my sword The Knowledge as my shield I'll face my foes again and again On the ancient battlefield

I can't deny what I've seen So towards the great unknown I must keep going on

Stop your quest Or with fire you'll be cleansed Confess Death

Woe to the faith Through dark centuries The wait for the time When all is revealed

Unbreakable Stands through time Dwells the proof of life Eternal Earth of mine

Cleanse our souls No good thoughts shall burn Engulf the passion of life Eternal Fire of mine

Carry it on The ancient wisdom of mankind Eternal Air of mine

Renew us within Wash away The remains of lies Eternal Water of mine

Indivisible Beyond death and life The answer divine Eternal Elements of mine

The gatekeeper of the knowledge The One who was trusted the secrets Of time and space once said To know is your destination To find is your possibility And to search is your quest

Your path has merged with the truth But yet you refuse to see it It's easier to be afraid To be deceived, to be a sheep Be aware, question them Question yourself Because once you see it You can never look away

Every man's Horizon can change But eternal skies Will always stay the same

Like a new sun arises from winter's Cold and dark grave, it's unstoppable

Keep your twisted beliefs Sons and Daughters of Dawn are Calling me

The fire that burns my flesh Shall light up the words I've said The curse on my innocent name Shall put all of your in shame

Woe to the man Who disheartens the few Who reach for the light Who searches for the truth

I only have just one more wish That this torch will be passed onto someone sentient Like you When your time comes Don't lose your heart Have faith and patience and trust in the Flame before passing it onto someone new

The greatest power of all Will force their gods to fall The greatest power of all Embrace, illuminate all!

I am, you are, no one's slave No man or god they have made

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