A room of Versage


For us it is just time, and a highway for you in the mean time, it is just a daylight, and some fun time you to guide. It´s really nothing to do with you, there is always some problems, the days to spend with you.

You have lost your innocence, long time ago, is is a prize of a roads, or something else, like a dinial, of something good, which you really would have liked, but you were to arrogant or shy?

It is easy to see, which one you were, we all know,i t is a shadow of wellfare, i love you anyway, you make me complete, in a physical way.

For me you are kind in bed, you keep me as a child someway, yes, I havent seen so much experience, I havent seen the world like somebody else.

You still like innocence and romance, you play with love, like cupido somewhere else, is it in italian place, where you have a room for Versage.

Laita PIIA MYYRY soimaan ja ratko päättelykykyä kehittäviä tehtäviä. Ratkaise tehtävä ja näe miten pärjäsit muihin verrattuna. Toimii suoraan nettiselaimessasi!

Löydätkö sen yhden ja ainoan oikean ratkaisun?

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