All day long

Piia Myyry

You all have the same fun fun, all the years, you live int he woods, we dont see you, you appear in the parties, some times, its your life, you have no education at all, you like everywhere, you really dont need to do, nothing att all.

You all talk your own lifes, its really something, you get to your heads, all the time, just to get some talk, over the years, you guys do nothing, the women have to run, all day long.

You all like to be at home, over the days, you all work in different fields, now you have your own games, you like to spend time by talking, it all goes easily, you dont need to work nomore.You all look tired, but it doesnt really borther you, you make the people, as you want you can just, do what you want.

You all roll your own world, you just spill everything to other peoples, lives and work, you are making taxfrauds all the time, its how you talk and make your work, always slipping to some area, where people make their work well, you just sit behind and tell, what to do, you need to control every move.

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