Ex spouses

Piia Myyry

You beat the women and feed the giving, you really are raw, you play with peoples health, you make white-collar freads, you really are out of law, you think people dont see it, so you have been in all doors, you really must hate humans, otherwise you would treat them like humans.

You want to ne blanc and white, 'your family has colours, intercontinental life, the colour is life a rainbow, you still life you old life, like a little boy.

You still see everithing like a comic, 'the society rules, are nothing to worrie, you really like your sociaty game, we need to follow the rules, all the days.

You all just looks at people faces, 'you come from places, where all is like in movies. I never seen such a jealousy life, it comes from north people here are polite.

You like to come home everyday, arent you already bored, of all the game, they just stare at peoples faces, they do nothing, run after their ex spouses.

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