game brings pain

piia myyry

You eat me alive, that feeling it a hard to hide. You are sometimes so rude, that I cant believe, that I am planning to your home to move. You always want to have it all, your ego has no emphaty, no more.

i dont know, how have yoi lived, but a part of your emotiones has been killed. You are not a one.track minded, but tthere is a turbulence, that we cant it from othes to find. it is so hard to be a vulnarable and lie, like a good guy.

i want to see your softer side, but all I have is something from the other side. you can be a cold as hell, that I deel efven like creaming, I am too old for this game, I have travelled a lot to see every kind of land, and live with faces..

I am long away from that time, I am a woman, that you know, how it can be so hard, with a woman you loved some time. why have you changed so much during the years, you are frozen again with emotionas, like earlier years.

A life with the desired game brings always a pain, you wonder, why the others look so happy, how they have lived and or, are they good hiding the the real game.

Everybody has the inner desiree, for romance and sensual feelings to third face, you are a goodess of the heaven to me, world, that has been given to you, in the moment of you time of birth and the date.

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