It gives you power

Piia Myyry

You really like to live abroad, you have a nice boyfriend, who really love your toys, you like to have cancers friends, all your relatives have been beated, to the circles, in hospitals, there is many departmens, there to spend the days.

You really love your nockout sex, people have no own power, when you just need to get layed, you take what you want, they want sex, they beat it in new games, you like groups, you need them, it gives you power, you havens even seen their faces, still you want to have sex, over the days.

You are already pretty old, you have become violent, so that the people can do their work, you use them to your own purposes, people leave the rooms and the cities, so you have the stage. you really care of nothing, you beat your patience, and put them to the graves, you roll the rings, its black, nights and days.

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