The milky way


I do everything myself, at the moment, it is very demanding anyway, somethimes, you can be successful, its like cooking a good meal, when you are in a good mood.

Today even the sex looks good, I have heart it, must have been a good day, in every game. I dont know, how the otherwise to play, we all have our interest spots, we can be like a dr. Spock.

If you ever have watch the Babylon 5, they all have anyway their own lifes, they even came from the different skyline. Its not a milky way, you have been there many days.

Think, how small is our live, we live here on the earth, there is only one earth time. You can be an astronaut, and have some real getaways, you can get us as far as to the moon, or built a space to stay.

i come from the north, it is just a winter action, people get bored, or want to have real satisfaction, it is like living in the natural state, only family matters, and the shelter, because of the cold days.

Laita PIIA MYYRY soimaan ja ratko päättelykykyä kehittäviä tehtäviä. Ratkaise tehtävä ja näe miten pärjäsit muihin verrattuna. Toimii suoraan nettiselaimessasi!

Löydätkö sen yhden ja ainoan oikean ratkaisun?

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