Violent game

Piia Myyry

You all like to make crimes, you have been playful all your lifes, you mostly beat women, to be in action, you really choose women, to be targets, every evening, you can hold the hand, when people have already diseases, you like to play your little games, people get tired of ti, its not their lifes, you are between everything.

You all have the same attackes over the years, 'its the same people, only younger generations, who like to be nasty, you seach for a big injuries, in valtue ot medical fields, all goes to the grave or hospitals, when you can choose, you hate women, just need company, not to be lonely.

You all have the same interest, to attack the people, so you play, its never anything else, material damages, always humans and their pain, you see it in their faces, how they enjoy of it, like in tarantino movies, you like to control situation, more damage the better it is, like in movies.

You all like to play with raw violance, and peoples sorrow, you like the women, who sit at home, dont go nowhere, so you can controle the game, you like to be possessive in violant way, you all have the same game, its somebody elses homes anyway. You have chosen you violant games.

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