Your naked figure


Where do you waste your time, do you have a good love, do you just play with kids. Have you just became, like the people in the crazy horse, where you go to meat people, to afterwork.

Its an after work place, you can stay there for a while, see the people and feel the love, I dont know, how you need to live, I want crazy nights, and pour you, some more drinks.

Are you the love, beauty or romance, how do you life, everyone have their own games, you are my master of universe, I just cherish you, its just you, no-one else.

I just want you to touch me, make me happy, we can go for drinks, but thats not the truth, I want your body, to taste your lips, and see your hips, to show me your naked figure, we can do it all day long, for sure.

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