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game brings pain
piia myyry

…emotionas, like earlier years. A life with the desired game brings always a pain, you wonder, why the others look so happy, how they have lived and or, are they good hiding the the real game. Everybody has the inner desiree…

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Whoever Brings the Night

…one Whoever brings the night The Dark, created to hide the innocent white, the lust of night Eyes so bright, seductive lies Crimson masquerade where I merely played my part Poison dart of desire All you love is a lie…

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Invisible bindings

…have lived, to have a good relationship, much more, more than the average, I dont know, in which stage, are you at the moment. I just stay at my parents office, doing my own things, I am not suffering, of the distance…

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My own things

…of it all, or to tell nice things, or who to feed. I have friends but they have their own lifes, and fights. They come to ease their own lifes to say, hi. I just want to make music, this time, it all comes easy, I dont…

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Architect Of New Beginnings
Ghost Brigade

…You once said restless souls can never die Did you do all the things you always said you would? Did you refuse to become one of them? I always knew you wouldn't dare Silent rebels, defensive without a reason Victims of…

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…you in the night She brings you all the pain and all the tears you try to hide I know that you dont' want anyone to find out How wounds inside of you will bleed Falling out of the world you belong in And you can scream…

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I spread my wings
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