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…that to the family, suddenly everything has changed from the start. i dont see you at all, but you still must always find the right hole. If you dont like closeness or pure love, you can always choose something else…

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Muutoksen tuuli - Wind of change
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Doom Unit

…Once again I stand alone with a simple plan, of a humble man And someone told me I should never lean a hand, I'll do best I can You had it all and I got nothing at all It changed your life forever Rise or fall, it means…

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Just teasing like an angel (joululaulu 4)

…The winter season is on going, we all are waiting for the new year, to start a new loving season. Does it change your winter time, or bring for you the same, or new fun? The new year nails our future, it is hopefully…

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Put out the fire
Mikko Sipola

…This could be paradise Should have been thinking twice All we do is drifting And time is tick tick ticking We gotta earn The second chance tonight What's going on Put out the fire And rearrange Something is wrong Put…

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Molly The Murderer
Sturm und Drang

…look at me, I'll take a bullet for free with no alibi Molly you murder me Crazy, thinking you would ever change The nights will always be the same for you and I I would change this, if only you would let me But baby you…

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Jealouse of everything

…be changed, but not the human beings, if you want the change, you need to change the hole place, not people change so much, if you really dont like it. its a hard life, you must be excited, like from the bottle of Whisky, which you buy, otherwise everything feels like a lie.…

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Centre Of My Universe
Hanoi Rocks

…friend I'm alone in the centre of my universe Time is a file – if revealed it would be most unkind Better stop tryin' to change the past And try to find something that will last I walked on hoping someday Someone would come…

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