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Muutoksen tuuli - Wind of change
100.00 %
Molly The Murderer
Sturm und Drang

…look at me, I'll take a bullet for free with no alibi Molly you murder me Crazy, thinking you would ever change The nights will always be the same for you and I I would change this, if only you would let me But baby you…

42.59 %
Put out the fire
Mikko Sipola

…This could be paradise Should have been thinking twice All we do is drifting And time is tick tick ticking We gotta earn The second chance tonight What's going on Put out the fire And rearrange Something is wrong Put…

37.67 %

…Well is the world full of insanes? to be a one of them is not a game society ain't got no right on me society ain't getting anything out of me You took the step in down in my underworld I'm gonna change for somebody…

28.33 %
Take me to your dealer

…a substance that'll only harm the organs that are still in place They say, you gotta change the way you are There's no other rescue You wanna fall apart or would you rather go back to the start? You only see this thing…

27.27 %
Emily Frost

…I'm feeling kind of shaky My heart is almost breaking I've got the look of crazy Functioning just barely I'd be a fool to let you go Footsteps drowning in the echoes of the nightfall If I could change the pace of time…

27.05 %
Isac Elliot

…Standing so close but we're far away Tired of waiting on circumstance to change I tried it all, running outta ways Sick of searching for the right time and place I just wanna change the tempo But you're always trying…

24.51 %
Marry me
Krista Siegfrids

…your shot So marry me I'll be your queen bee I'll love you endlessly I do it for you, for you, for you Yeah, I do it for you Marry me baby I'll play your game I'll change my last name I'll walk the walk of shame I do it…

23.86 %
The One I Remember Most
Nylon Beat

…some are so far from me, forgotten almost You are the one I remember most If I could turn back time and make it all alright I would go to the day you sweetly came in to my life If I'd to change one thing don't know…

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