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What About Me
Isac Elliot

…the clouds But here let me help you down So don't tell me that you wanna start working it out when it's too late to question now What about me? What about what I want? Wanna know what I think? No I didn't think so I, I

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What kind of music is walch

…You have so much to loose, I am really not a fool, I have seen it all as a lawyer, when the life doesnt go, like you have wanted, or you just want to borrow it. Its not a one mans decidion, and you cant really predict…

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I want to be with you

I just want to be with you, I am tired of this game, Its all the same anyway, I just want to get married, settle down, and fell the heat of the skin. I am tired of going around, without a stop, where I cant find love…

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I Want To Love You

I want to love you And you always say that too Forever and after I want to hear your laughter I want to love you And you always say that too Year by year with you I feel no fear…

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I just want my privacy

I just want my privacy, to have time to do my own things, my own way, to have distance to people, enjoy of it all. I just love to be at the sea, it is really the only place, which really gives a lot ot me. I am just…

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A heart without a knowledge

…those are made of stone, your mind is like a ice sculpture, in the snow, you dont really want to touch it, it coldens you arm and your voice. I dont know what kind of love you seek, but this is like a icepeak, it…

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Ode To Solitude

…Easy on the eyes, uneasy on the heart Sew my wrists shut Sew my wrists shut with hope Straight into the light shining bright I dare you to dream this And I dare you to dream this gone What I want to know is which makes…

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…My future, and my past I ain't concerned by it My to-do list and my plans think time heard of that shit? The things I missm and the things I wanna, things I should do Shit don't exist What I gonna, or the things I

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Bring Me Down

…surround me All turning to one big mess Words are like little knives Slicing me piece by piece Now I know you shoot to kill Now I know what you want from me You destroy my solar system, but you'll never break me mister…

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