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The milky way

I do everything myself, at the moment, it is very demanding anyway, somethimes, you can be successful, its like cooking a good meal, when you are in a good mood. Today even the sex looks good, I have heart it, must…

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The way of life

…know yourself, if you are a team player and want something else. but you have lied to me, selffishly enough, to have it all. I just like the business life and style, the money of course, and the hunting time for sure. I

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Love, The Hardest Way

…, love the hard way Baudelaire in Braille Baby, love the harder way Once you lose yourself entomb I promise you to love the hardest way Pretty like a flower on a tomb you are Kissed blue by the last arrows of the sun…

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I Am The Storm

…, awaiting the tide I've waited so long but now it is time Alive, I'll rise stronger than before Through the wind and through the rain I have found my way Tonight the skies are darker than before Come rain, come fear and…

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The Wayfarer

I went into the wilderness with Uncle Walt I discovered the wild Learning to suck all the experience Seeing the world through cradle's bars The wild blessed me with an errant mind Showing the way for the ultimate lore…

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Born This Way

…My mama told me when I was young We are all born superstars She rolled my hair and put my lipstick on In the glass of her boudoir "There's nothin' wrong with lovin' who you are" She said, "'Cause He made you perfect…

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New Way Home
Isac Elliot
73.00 %
The Path
Doom Unit

…a line You'll never know how I feel What if all comes down tonight I won't be the only one Can't find a way I'll be lost within and I'm doing all I can I never let down the honest man It's just the path I lead gives me…

70.26 %
For the Heart I Once Had

…Heaven today is but a way To a place I once called home Heart of a child, one final sigh As another love goes cold Once my heart beat to the rhythm of the falling snow Blackened below, the river now flows A stream of…

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