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Falling Down ft. XXXTENTACION
Lil Peep
43.26 %
Demolition Soul
Doctrine Wavers

…all. I want to see my mates to see with sight. My name would be a curse to enemies. Pain, gain, I wear my bomb with dignity Greed, stain, my entity shatters hard. Pain, gain, I wear my bomb with dignity Greed, stain, my…

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Passion, Proof, Power

…Like a new sun arises from winter's Cold and dark grave, it's unstoppable Keep your twisted beliefs Sons and Daughters of Dawn are Calling me The fire that burns my flesh Shall light up the words I've said The curse on…

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Enter The Metal World
Battle Beast

…Metal World of doom Into the hands of the machines Enter the Metal World of doom Beware the killer jaws of steel It's not the Black Moon that heard my lonely calls And turned my wish into a curse Someone I love lies…

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Axe of Judgement

…the ground Stabbed in the back A coward's attack Curse you! This means war! If I would believe in souls I would slaughter yours But fear and agony in your eyes Will have to do When the axe of judgement falls The vindictive one stands tall…

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…A ballad of dark queen echoes through night As he flees the curse of gods, the pharaoh's wrath 1001 nights unseen The philosopher and the queen Ancient mariner in a sea of sand The burning beauty his tomb to die for…

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