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Halfway Home

…night dress mm.. and she lifts her eyebrows as I whisper her name I'm thinkin': I can see myself forever there Oh, how I'd like to be there, oh. I'm halfway home, I tell you Yes I'm half way home I've drove through the…

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Come home alone
Piia Myyry

…doenst go that way, you think you concure it all, but so the children also say, You like to teach you friends, you dont see your own games. You can come home alone, but I am not there nomore.…

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Only home
Piia Myyry

…nothing except, eat and watch tv. You have another hole in your new scheen, its all about violance, you really dont like to heal people, you are like in harry potter movies, the personal, is not for this work, it comes not…

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Forgotten Home
Old Polaroid

…thought of you all along It's hard to see That i will be lonely It's hard to move on can't do this on my own I don't wanna be alone did i become a forgotten home? I can't save you from yourself It's not because you are…

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We have no home
Piia Myyry

…, some people want revenge, so they live. You must have loved me, before you saw me, you just didn't see it, I am just bored for the whole all thing, your fanes come all the time between, we have no home, where you feed me.…

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New Way Home
Isac Elliot
89.01 %
Hang around home
Piia Myyry

…All my friends have worked in academic field, its easy people are no mean, I never seen such a working glass, they are not keen on anythig, just money, they really do nothing at home, all the life goes, to talk. they…

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Its your home

…You all are married, you all have wifes, you all have evening esssen, you like your wifes, you all have history, long ways ago, you all like each other, no doubt about it, its your home. you sit at my couch, is your…

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You want back home
Piia Myyry

…gained it, northern man want to own women, and use the power to do it, you must have a northern man, who pay just for the company, since loneliness is not fun. You can just style everything, yourself and room, someone pays for it, when you get abroad, you really don't enjoy it, you want back home, and stay with your family.…

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