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Centre Of My Universe
Hanoi Rocks

…Once upon a rhyme I believed in fate The signs of the times Did it mean anything to you Or was I just anyone to you? Then came the daze The santa ana wind Whipped the sand in my face It didn't mean anything to you…

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Bells of Notre Dame
Notre Damen kellonsoittaja

…Aamusta varhain jo kellot sen lyö aina soi näin Notre Dame On päivä taas parhain kun päättyvi yö aina soi näin Notre Dame Lyövät suurimmat ukkosen iskun soivat pienimmät kuiskaten vain Ja sielusi luulet sen vievän kun…

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Dream Big
Isac Elliot

…not alone (not alone) Dream big Don't you be afraid Dream big You will find your way, yeah Dream big Don't you be afraid Dream big You will find your way You're a star in the making You can have it all if you dare to…

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Ghost River

…It's a long road down the river deep 'n wild Every twist and turn a wonder-dale It's a scary ride we'd give anything to take Let yourself bleed Leave a footprint on every island you see Hey you, child of rape, the…

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Shooting Star

…...) shooting starmou kaeranai hoshikuzu ima mo azayakana kanashimi dake furitsumoru shooting star musubareta ano shunkan no soyokaze no youna yasashii sasayaki de namae wo yonde ashita no seimei mo utsurou kisetsu sae ki ni sezu…

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No Estragues El Momento
Anna Abreu

Dale dale dale moreno Es solo divertimiento Muestrame ese tu movimiento A mi me gusta tu cuerpo No estragues el momento Tu mirada me cautivó Sin ti no tengo descanso ninguno Tu lo sabes guapo, no te olvido, pero Si no…

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Heathen Throne

…they're going to pay. Grant us your revenge, We are not afraid of death. Let none of them ever more, EVER MORE, Lay a hopeful gaze upon the sky! upon the sky! Under the Northern star We shed our blood. With the call of…

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…Trapped in a maze, can't get away, what have you became now take the hammer of the elders and crush your way out His presence is shaking the land as he stands at the mountain peak His instincts are getting weak, but there is…

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