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Victory Song

…horn The enemy is getting closer So brace yourselves for assault! Swords in their hands they killed each and every man Who dared to invade their sacred land Victory songs are raising in the night Telling all of their…

48.80 %
Song of Myself

…is left for encore Is the same old Dead Boy's song Sung in silence All that great heart lying still and slowly dying All that great heart lying still on an angelwing A midnight flight into Covington Woods A princess and…

34.37 %
Bonus Song

…! This is what you get, When you ask more and more. Kiki diki bang bang all night long We'll kick you in the balls! Like the legend says "Töttöröö, King Kong" Über heavy Viking metal! There's no sense at all! In the…

30.03 %
Dying Song

…Barely alive under ice by exchanging sighs With tomorrow quivering in the loneliest light Shedding skin to a dying song We hum along to the evening sun Till we are no more Little deaths to a dying song Sound a lot like…

28.14 %
Hunting Song

…Hunting is going on We are a part of the wilderness Hunting is going on Only the fast will survive In the forest we prowl Looking hard for deers Hunger croaks in our stomaches Our eyes like the wolves We run after…

24.50 %
Battle Song

…Hear the sound of swords fulfill the night Feel the winds of death on your skin See the arrows fly, flaming in the sky Hear the screams of men, as they die We won this battle wit might and fearless hearts We came and…

24.18 %
Mirabilis Jalapa
Juice Leskinen

…Let me be a picture on your wall Let me be a picture on your wall Let me be a picture on your wall 'Cause if you don't, I won't be at all Let me be the sugar in your tea Let me be the sugar in your tea Let me be the…

20.27 %
Like a star (adults, english)

…You play a fruit game, when I come, you smell good, when i kiss you to your mouth. you are restless like always, you need freedom like everyone else. You are like a star with your new jeans, you are socializing with your neeze, you are strong and joyfull like always, you illuminate our evenings always.…

19.20 %

…, one with alpenglow Hand in hand guiding me into light You, the fairytale guise in blue and white You are my path my home my star A beautiful tale within the tale And when the dust needs to move on I will tuck us in on a bed of snow Painting white, silencing the valley we built Together we’ll sleep Devoured by Life…

18.05 %