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Paper plane
Isac Elliot

…So many days since I saw your face God knows how many times I've been tryin' not to call you You've been around the world up to the moon Always on the run, so young and restless She was long gone when she was close to…

35.22 %
Scissor, Paper, Rock

…I'm river and I'm stone I shiver but I know I'm young but oh so old Played scissor paper rock I'd run till I was caught Games end but nothing stops The rocks will turn to dust The scissor starts to rust The ink will…

32.55 %
Blood Is The Price Of Glory
22.79 %
& Hendricks
Paperi T
20.74 %
Paperi T
8.22 %
Spare - PDF Download - Free Audiobook
Prince Harry

…Click here to Download/Stream Book Spare by Prince Harry for free: https://getaudiobooks.today/2023/01/07/free-audiobook-spare-by-prince-harry/…

7.79 %

…Tear me apart to gain control You know I have two faces You can choose the one you want Oh, I know I climb too high I want to see the sun Drown in my world Drown in my world Drown in my world Drown in my world Drown

7.79 %
Paperi T
7.61 %
Paperi T
7.61 %